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1) When the product is unpacked, you should press the button five times in order to unlock it, and when you are finished smoking you can lock it again by pressing the button five times. This helps prevention of unintended cartomizer activation.

2) The battery is precharged; however, we recommend that it be charged for the first time.

3) When the battery is connected to the USB charger and the USB charger's light is red, this means the battery is being charged.

4) As soon as the light turns into green, the battery is fully charged.

5) When battery starts to blink while smoking, it signals you that it is about to die, and you need to charge it again.

6) Please do not charge the battery more than 2 hours to prevent overcharge damage.

7) The button must be pushed while inhaling. Remember that the battery must be unlocked. Once you unlock it you can keep smoking. After you are finished smoking you have the option to lock it again.

- Cartomizer coil will burn if you try to smoke when the caromizer is empty.

- Do not fill the cartomizer above the top line. </p